Historical Fiction Cover of the Week

This week, my chosen cover is one of a series – nothing unusual about that.

Series covers are usually connected in some obvious way: perhaps they reflect the same theme, or use a common colour palette, or make use of the same symbol, design or icon.

A good example of this consistent and easily identifiable livery is the alternative historical series about Roma Nova by Alison Morton.

inceptioOrdinarily, I’d choose a more recent cover but I’m making the first book of the series, Inceptio, my cover of the week. You see I make up my rules as I go along…

Why Inceptio?  Because it was different and eye-catching.

It made an impact and it set the tone for the books to come. The cover format, with its bold numbering and large imposing symbol, is a declaration of power and authority. By contrast, the colour is understated and the background image is there only to give an impression.


The books which followed used the same format though the colours change (obviously!)and the background images are sometimes different.






I like this sort of ‘corporate feel’ to the series and I think it works well. The whole effect is to create a clean, unfussy style.  No headless women in Roma Nova!

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2 Responses to Historical Fiction Cover of the Week

  1. Oh, goodness, Derek, thank you so much for featuring my covers. I have to confess I was, as the cliché goes, stunned into silence when the first INCEPTIO arrived from the designer. She’d really got the ideas of imperial purple and gold, power, Roman-ness, yet modern. PERFIDITAS is red because it’s the colour of betrayal, while the SUCCESSIO blue gives the ideas of midnight and coldness; the villain is a real shocker in SUCCESSIO! For AURELIA, we’ve replaced the gold emblem of the first three with a silver one, a reflection of Roma Nova’s most important natural resource and a way of showing we’re into a new cycle of stories within the Roma Nova series.

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