Historical Fiction Cover of the Week

This week is a relatively short feature because I’ve been away in Harrogate for the History Festival – which incidentally was terrific. I was going to focus on “Roman” covers but as I was looking through possibilities – and yes, I do actually trawl through hundreds of covers! – my critical eye lighted upon a golden oldie of sorts. At the time it came out, it looked different and it had a certain style. Then I thought, to hell with it, the series as a whole is worth a feature this week. You see, I just don’t care, I break the rules almost without trying…

So, this week I am featuring Manda Scott’s Boudica series and this is the first of them.

boudica Why do I like it? Well, it has a style that stands out when compared with the usual Roman images – both at the time and since. Of course, the main reason for that is that the series is not about Rome so much as the Celtic and Romano-Celtic peoples of Britannia. Thus its focus is British and in particular on the spiritual aspects of society.

It’s a somewhat formal style with its gold Celtic borders at top and bottom tying in with the similar circle in the centre. Each book has a different – and appropriate – figure within the circle but the designs and colour palette are the same.

The series of stories is different, ground-breaking even, and it was important that the covers reflected that. As a result, I think the first one deserves a place in the great pantheon of book covers.

boudica2 boudica3 boudica4

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One Response to Historical Fiction Cover of the Week

  1. Yes, in a book shop I would definitely be attracted by these covers.

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