Historical Fiction Cover of the Year

Yes, I’ve been absent for a while because I’ve been girding my loins for one final, festive, extra-special Historical Fiction Cover Bonanza.

It’s the Cover of the Year Award. It’s new and exciting and shiny and different – come to think of it I don’t think any of those words are accurate but it is at least… here!

This time I’m not going to choose the winner – it’s over to you to do that. But of course I have to be in control, so I’ve selected – after much thought and frequent use of pins – my favourite 12 covers featured during the year. OK, for the more pedantic of you, I know it hasn’t actually been a year but give me a break here.

I know that some of you will be casting a longing look across at some of my covers but I’m sorry it just wouldn’t be fair now, would it?

From my 12 nominations you have to select your favourite – no messing about with second or third, just the best.

To “cast your vote” you just need to put the name of the book in a comment. How hard can that be? Votes may be cast throughout the Christmas season until midnight on New Year’s Eve – a bit dramatic because I really hope that all you lot will have something far more interesting to do at that particular moment of the year.

Now please don’t vote twice. It’s not nice and I don’t want to get into voting fraud and so on. I’ll do the adding up, so there’s the point at which the whole house of cards will collapse.  With a bit of luck only one person will vote and I’ll probably work out the winner within ten minutes or so.

What’s the prize I hear you say?

The prize? We don’t award prizes for heaven’s sake! The sheer kudos of winning should be enough on its own – or the joy of taking part as my mother tried to instil in me.

Here they are in random order: the fab 12!

The winner will be announced – sobriety permitting – on New Year’s Day.

Now come on, make an effort – everyone can vote. You can do it whilst chewing on a sprout, or quaffing your ale or brandy or whatever… but here’s a tip: do it before you’ve had too many drinks… In fact that’s pretty true of most things… Safety first!

Have a good Christmas!




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39 Responses to Historical Fiction Cover of the Year

  1. Toby says:

    I hate to say it but Conn Iggulden’s is the one for me. Have a good Christmas Derek!

  2. Has to be The Devil in the Marshalsea!

  3. Debbie says:

    The Winter Crown

  4. War Horse edges out The Winter Crown by a nose.

  5. Tricia Preston says:

    The Winter Crown is such a simple cover, there is a crown and it looks really chilly!

  6. The Winter Crown, without a doubt!

  7. Matthew says:

    The Scarlet Thief.

  8. Chris says:

    The Winter Crown

  9. mmmmikkimac says:

    Requiem by Robyn Young

  10. I’m voting for Conn Igguldon – he’d better return the favour by voting for my Margaret of Anjou novel next year! (I think you’ll like the cover – generosity combined with self-promotion, it is Christmas after all…)

  11. Suzanne Marshall says:

    Kingmaker Broken Faith

  12. margaretskea Author of prize winning historical novel Turn of the Tide says:

    I love the simplicity of The Terror, just edged out Conn Iggulden.

  13. Rebecca Hill says:

    The Winter Crown!

  14. Terrylee Warren says:


  15. The Winter Crown and my hubby chose this too and he does not know any of the authors.

  16. Samantha says:

    Toby Clements Broken Faith

  17. speesh says:

    Got to be THE SCARLET THIEF.

  18. Char says:

    Kingmaker Broken Faith

  19. A toss up for me between Conn Iggulden’s and Elizabeth Chadwick’s …. very hard to decide, however, I’ll go for The Winter Crown.

  20. Devil in the Marshalsea–very intriguing image.

  21. Requiem is the best IMO.

  22. Marsha says:

    The Winter Crown

  23. Little Angelic Rose says:


  24. E S Moxon says:

    The Winter Crown for me 🙂

  25. Debra Jacoby says:

    The Winter Crown

  26. So hard to decide. There’s some really great covers. But I think I’ll go for Requiem.

  27. Elizabeth Law says:

    The Scarlet Thief

  28. Sarah Haggett says:

    The Winter Crown

  29. Requiem – eye catching sword!

  30. HJ Reynolds says:

    The Scarlet Thief is rather intriguing…

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