The Winner – Historical Fiction Cover of the Year 2015

Well, the last rites of 2015 have been uttered and my final task is to reveal – if a revelation is required – the winner of the Historical Fiction Cover of the Year. Many thanks to all those who voted. I found the results quite surprising.

And the clear winner is… Elizabeth Chadwick’s The Winter Crown!

I have to say that The Winter Crown was not really threatened by any of the others, though a mention in dispatches should go to Kingmaker: Broken Faith, The Scarlet Thief & Requiem.

I hope you all enjoyed this bit of seasonal froth and I congratulate all the cover designers for the very high quality of their work.

My aim in 2015 was to celebrate excellent cover designs for historical fiction. This year I’m going to change things a bit as I would like to consider only new releases. “Cover of the Week” will therefore become Cover of the Month to give me a little more to work with. Of course, rules are there to be ignored, so I’ll probably throw in a few “golden oldies” during the year as the mood takes me.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to read my ramblings and best wishes for the new year to come.

Here it is folks for one last time…




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