Players in the Game… of the Wars of the Roses

Today I’m guest posting for the English Historical Fiction Authors about Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset.

This is the first of a series of posts, called Players in the Game of the Wars of the Roses and concentrates on the characters that make an appearance in that well known historical soap opera, the Wars of the Roses. This series is not about the really big-hitters, but those who played a less dramatic, though often equally important, role in events.

The two sets of posts: The Magnificent Seven & Players in the Game will run in parallel on this blog over the next few months with some perhaps appearing on EHFA.

What then of Edmund Beaufort?

Well, if you were to regard the Wars of the Roses as a barrel of gunpowder, I see Edmund Beaufort as the fuse – completely harmless of course, unless…

Follow this link to read the post.


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