Historical Fiction Cover of the Month for July

A lot of you may have wondered where Cover of the Month is.

No? Fair enough, well one or two of you might, so here’s the explanation…


The search goes on…

The shock news for July is – rather like the Conservative Party leadership contest – that there isn’t one.

Why, you demand angrily? Am I ill? Am I too busy? Or is it simply that I can’t be bothered?

None of the above actually. It’s a different problem altogether – and not a good one.

I’ve looked at the historical fiction releases for July and I’m afraid I don’t really like any of the covers. They may be great books but the covers don’t do anything for me.

I know, it’s terrible and I’ve probably offended some authors and designers, but none of the covers appeal to me. There it is; what else can I say?

The alternative is for me to choose one or two covers and damn them with faint praise. I’m not saying there aren’t any good covers, I am saying that I personally don’t like them very much.

It’s possible, of course, that I’ve missed something – easily done. If I have then I’m sorry.

So this month – as a bit of a one-off – I’m asking if anyone else has an historical fiction cover that they would like to suggest [released this month only, folks] and if so, why they like it.

There you are: vox pop in action! Mention the title in a comment so that others can judge for themselves – and I can have my say too. If I like it, I’ll have to grovel of course…

By the way, August releases look promising, so don’t expect this to happen again any time soon!

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7 Responses to Historical Fiction Cover of the Month for July

  1. Richard Tearle says:

    Rather like cover for Helen Hollick’s On the Account – quite simple and in keeping with previous ‘voyages’ in its style

  2. jeangill says:

    How do you find the July releases?

  3. thankful1665 says:

    Yale’s From The Sergeant’s Pack, upcoming Napoleonic anthology from Rosemary Tree Press, and A Broom At The Masthead from Climbing Tree.

  4. Derek Birks says:

    I’m sure the anthology is good, but the cover doesn’t do it for me. Covers are such a personal thing…

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