Christmas Bloghop!

So, the Best Supporting Role Bloghop comes to a fitting end with Helen Hollick’s character from the Sea Witch stories: Claude de la Rue.

Check out the other characters below:


The Bloghop is hosted by the marvellous Helen Hollick.

Join Helen and a selection of other fabulous authors and their Supporting Role Characters. Each author has chosen one of the supporting cast from their books rather than the main protagonists – a new direction and a different introduction to books.

Click on the image to go to the site.

Each day I’ll add a direct link here to a new post!

First up for December 6th is author, Inge H Borg

For December 7th we have Matt Harffy’s supporting role:

December 8th already and we meet Alison Morton’s Lurio from her Roma Nova series. It’s great to see him again because he’s a quirky character I really like:

It’s December 9th so it must be Regina Jeffers’ Viscount Stafford – fascinating character who seems to pop up regularly.

And on December 10th the array of interesting supporting role characters continues to grow with Anna Belfrage’s Luke Graham.

Sunday 11th and the supporting role bandwagon hurtles onwards to meet Christoph Fischer’s character, the Countess.

The second week of the supporting role bloghop begins with Pauline Barclay’s Zilda Gilespie.

Today Antoine Vanner introduces his supporting role character.

December 14th brings Annie Whitehead’s Queen Alfreda to the fore in a supporting role.

And today, it’s my unsung hero, Hal, who steps up in a supporting role.

December 16th brings us Carolyn Hughes’ character, Matilda

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