Scars from the Past – 99p for 5 days only

Scars from the Past, book 1 of The Craft of Kings series is on a Kindle Countdown discount for 5 days – 99p!

The Craft of Kings is the second series describing the world of the fictional Elder family as they try to survive – not always very successfully – the twists and turns of the Wars of the Roses. Book 1 begins in 1481 and focuses on Ludlow where the young Edward, Prince of Wales, is housed.

By 1481, England has been free from civil war for ten years. The Elder family have found a fragile peace after their part in the bloody struggle for the throne, yet the scars remain with them all. And close to home, in Ludlow, trouble is stirring once more.



Born out of the carnage of the Wars of the Roses, young John Elder is now the heir to his father’s legacy, but he finds it a poisonous one. After a brutal fight with an outlaw, John abandons his home and inheritance to become a mercenary in Flanders. But, in his absence, the Elder family must face his ruthless outlaw enemy alone.
When the young Edward, Prince of Wales, is caught up in their bitter struggle, the life of the heir to the throne hangs in the balance. To save the prince, all other lives must be put at risk, but will John Elder return in time to help?

Only if the Elders can leave the scars of the past behind them, is there any hope of survival.

‘As with all good historical fiction, the reader learns fascinating period detail, while being entertained by an experienced author who knows his trade.’ Historical Novels Review

‘Derek Birks has taken his usual high standard of storytelling to a whole new level. Scars From the Past is impossible to put down… I defy you to enjoy this book and not want to go back to Feud, where it all started.’ The Review

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