Authors Without Borders – Free Historical Fiction for those Staying At Home


Authors Without Borders is a group of fabulous historical fiction authors, including: Ben KaneSimon James Atkinson TurneyRuth DownieDouglas JacksonChristian G. Cameron, Simon Scarrow, Gordon Doherty LJ Trafford, Alex Gough, Sam Taw – and me.

Our aim is to write stories in instalments, adding a new episode every week day. The motivation for this is to provide some free reading matter for historical fiction fans who are currently obliged to stay at home.

My new story is called Britannia: New Dawn and features the hero of The Last of the Romans, Ambrosius Aurelianus.

It takes place in the Spring of the year 455 AD – so it is set in between book 2 Britannia: World’s End – out in the next month or so – and book 3 – out next year.

But don’t worry, there are no spoilers for book 2!

If you haven’t yet read The Last of the Romans, you can get it here:


My story will appear on:

My Facebook Author page:

Our dedicated website:

The stories are free to read, but if anyone is interested they can donate via the website to Park in the Past [Find out more about it:]

At this time, such heritage matters seem a very long way away, but in time, we’ll all need them once again and I’d like to think they’ll still be there when we do.



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